Friday, May 7, 2010

bailey the corgi's crazy but lovin' momma

So... maybe I'm a little obccessed and am in need of a COA meeting (I made that up). Corgi Obcessed Anonymous. Hah!

Bailey is my first corgi, and first dog ever. He's also my only dog. That pretty much equates to Bailey being the only child as well ... as.. basically a spoiled butt. I can't imagine my life without a dog now. Anywhoo, I thought I'd discuss some of my craziness over bailey, dogs and corgis in general. For example... so what if i bought out the entire stack of thank you cards at the 99 cent store when I saw a corgi image on them? Or that I want to visit every pet store in existence?  Or... that i feed bailey baby food on occasion (not with a spoon though - and just as a kibble topper!!)? One of my coworkers (BARBARA) says I'm just as weird as one of the dog handlers in the movie "Best in Show". I completely and wholeheartedly.............. disagree. :)

Bailey has his own facebook page. Yes. He does. His official profile name is Bailey Bear (apparently you have to state a last name to sign up for an account - figures). hahaah. So, he's got a couple dozen friends and an active wall. He (I) uploads pictures, and he (me) responds to comments. Occassionally, he (I) "likes" things on other peoples walls, and he (I) updates his status to let everyone know whats going on. Sure, I have a facebook page, but Bailey deserved his own. Every corgi should have their own facebook page. Their big personalities deserve one. LOL

Bailey has his own e-mail address. Yes, he does. It's not kept up as well as his facebook page, but we do check it on occasion. He (I) chose the wallpaper background and he  (I) deletes the spam and other junk we get on his account, but typically its pretty clean. And so it should remain... bailey is not allowed to hang out with bad crowds and gangs (you know - the chain mailing kind). hah!

So, I've even gone as far as to create some blog labels (address labels with our blog site and email address). They just came in the mail yesterday, 140 of them and only cost me three bucks. For what? Well I make cards, so maybe well stick them on the back of those, and we bake occasionally so maybe ill stick them on toothpicks and make little flags with them.. and we do scrapbook so maybe a couple will go in there ... and we go to dog parks.. so maybe well stick them on people. Heck, I could even tape them around my normal band-aids for extra flair. Yes. That about does it. I am a truly obcessed corgi-loving dog owner.. but not crazy =D.. no no no.. defintely not crazy. Dontcha agree?.

I could go on, but I won't. Have a great weekend everyone! The cousins are sleeping over tonight and we're going to have a blast taking bailey for a swim & then the corgi meetup!


Karen said...

you are hilarious :) but i think im with you on being obsessed with corgis!!!

my boyfriend gets so mad because he thinks i love butterball more now!

they do take over our lives but im glad :)

Bailey's Adventures said...

you are not crazy :-) and to prove it, Bailey just sent Bailey a fb friend request :-)

Bri said...

so not crazy! i am there, too! corgis just bring out the best in their owners and we want to share it with the world! my friend introduced me to his girlfriend as "this is brianne, she is was over obsessed with her dog!" i take it as a compliment.
ps. i added bailey to my friends on facebook! :) i almost did it myself, but erik gave me that look!

Karen and Bailey said...

fabulous! ill have bbear check his facebook tonight.

Lindsey said...

haha cute! I'm gonna go friend request him :)