Friday, May 7, 2010

Video Friday: Swimming & Leo

Happy Friday everyone!

Bailey loves to go swimming. It's about the only time he goes fetch-crazy and he just loves the cool water. We're going go to tomorrow! =D Enjoy this video of him taking a dive!

On a post awhile ago, we mentioned that Bailey found his brother, RANDOMLY, at a corgi meetup. We knew the moment we saw him that something was similar - the way he ran across the park once his mom let him off leash, the way he played... and a few minutes later, we found out they were littermates, and blood brothers! How cute! This is a video of them re-kindling the bond they had as puppies. They acted as if they'd known each other for years. It was awesome. We hope to see them again soon. Bailey and Leo were 1 week shy of 1 year old in this video.


That corgi :) said...

how cute with Bailey and Leo! cool that they made that connection; looks like they had a blast playing together

enjoyed watching Bailey swim; he did indeed look like he was have a good time :)


Bailey's Adventures said...

haha, so I was watching the videos, and every time you called Bailey looked up at me like What Mom??? LOL

How awesome that you guys found one of Bailey's littermates...I am always hoping that one day we meet someone from Bailey's litter.

Karen said...

awww it looks like bailey loves the water so much. butterball has gone swimming a couple time but i think the water was too cold for him and he was taramatized.

bailey and leo were so cute playing thats hoe butters plays with my older dog. i want butters to meet some of his littermates one day. i never thought of doing that until i saw how bailey and leo reacted.

oh by the way i recieved the coupon today in the mail. i wanted to say thank you so much for that i really appreciate you taking the time to find it and mail it to me :)


Bri said...

omg! love it! that is so cool! i have frequently wondered about sammy's brothers and sisters. if we were able to get another corgi, i wanted to find the breeder he came from and try to get a younger sibling if at all possible because i just love his personality and temprement. he is perfect for our lifestyle and thought that would be the best chance for another perfect dog. plus how cool would it be to have siblings, and siblings not of the same litter. wonder if they would know!
aww....this story gives me rejuvinated hope!!
hope you see leo again!

Karen and Bailey said...

yes!! i wish that when i had gotten bailey, i had the breeder write down all the phone numbesr of his littermates. we know of another one somewhere in the sacramento area named Quincy.. but thats all!

we miss leo so much. hopefully his owners agree and well meet up soon!