Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Earthbath jetaway to san francisco contest

Enter and then come visit us when you win. :) We entered too.. and I wonder if we'll get a deluxe limo ride to the hotel since we don't have to fly anywhere... haha

The contest is sponsored by Earthbath. I've never bought any of their products, but have "sampled" the wipes at dog shows. Seems like a great product.


Bri said...

thanks! i just entered! neither sammy or i have been to california, but we are dying for a beach! haha. hmmm...i hope they dont try to store him, cuz im pretty sure i would have a panic attack if i couldnt be with him on the plane! lol

That corgi :) said...

I never heard of these products, but I did enter the contest. Years ago my sister entered a contest to go to San Francisco and she won, so maybe its my turn this time! sounds like a fun trip; thanks for telling us about it :)