Monday, May 3, 2010

what a nice weekend it was

This weekend went pretty great! We did many things and Bailey was sure tired, and wasn’t able to get up easily this morning. It was another morning where he just layed there, wondering if I was going to go back to bed after making a trip to the bathroom. I didn’t, so he realized that… moms gotta work today, so like the little trooper he is, he drug himself out of bed (literally) – it looks like hes getting out of bed and stretching at the same time. Took him outside for a short time to do his business, fed him and left for work. I miss him everyday. =(

Anyways, so back to this weekend! Saturday started off, well, with some errands/shopping – then we stopped by Pet Food Express’s mobile clinic (offers low-cost vaccinations – and no office visit fees!), and we got his 5-in-1 annual booster.. which cost us only $12 after a $5/off any vaccination coupon we received in the mail. I love this clinic because well the people who administer the shots are real vets (nice nice people), the prices are GREAT, and they do just about everything except emergencies and checkup (i.e. flea meds, vaccinations, fecal tests, heartworm tests, worm pills, etc). If they don't have this particular program, i would ask your local petstore if they have their own version!!! We haven’t been to the clinic in awhile… so Bailey thought nothing of it. Happy as ever, walking into the store… wanting to say hi to everyone (mental note: easy walk harness is a MUST next time). He didn’t get nervous or anxious and didn’t have a clue until it was time for his turn on the table….. the shot was no big deal.. but the big deal of the day was me asking the vet if he could express Bailey’s anal glands (theres no way one person can do this, and no way I’d even try it at home. Google it. Lol). ! So.. the vet was nice enough to agree without any hesistation, and I had bailey in a body-lock (like a headlock hahaa), and the vet did his thing and bailey all about wanted to jump off the table and bolt for the door – which is practically what he did with me in tow… hahah .  The vet said they were empty, which i was glad to hear. Bailey still has a “normal” vet for checkups… he hasn’t had one since he was a puppy, then when he got tapeworm, but im taking him the end of this month for his annual checkup (and promise to do it once a year now)! We then stopped by the dog park for an hour of romping, sand digging, chase, and fetch (I was only involved in the last). I spent the afternoon catching up with some friends with a shopping trip downtown, and I brought back home an agility tunnel that I found for….. 9.99 lol. Bailey’s not too fond of the chute yet..but he takes to the tunnel pretty nicely. He just doesn’t care to run through it, which is fine. We haven’t tried agility yet with Bailey.. maybe someday. I also want to get him herding-instinct tested. We’ve also tried Rally – but I get too nervous. Hahaha.

Sunday rolled around and we actually went to the clinic again to get Bailey’s bordatella vaccination (don’t ask why we went again.. hahaha), and that went pretty smoothly. No hiccups, the people at the pet store were excited to see Bailey again. I think Corgis just leave big impressions with people. They truly have unforgettable personalities. =) .. that and bailey has a habit of rushing over to the checkout counter in excitement for some free treats.. and it almost looks like hes trying to rob the place… but is just too cute to be taken seriously. We then went to the dog park, and then spent a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon indoors (heh), relaxing, cooking (bailey loves this part) and watching tv! Anyone watch The Amazing Race? We love that show…. Well I do more than bailey but when your dog cant operate the remote.. then ya know – theres not much of a battle. Hahahahah

Have a great week everyone. I hope to hear from the camera store soon….. =(


Bri said...

that is awesome! i wish we had one of those here in town! i hate how expensive vet visits are, and just to get some heartworm pills, etc!
glad you and bailey had a wonderful weekend!

Karen said...

im glad you and bailey had a great weekend! i take butters to the humane society in our county to get his shots(its alot cheaper). he knows what the table means as well.

That corgi :) said...

I'll have to look into that clinic if we have one here; that would be nice since it cost me an arm and a leg to get his shots, checkup, heartworm testing, etc the other day. Koda is the same way at the checkout counter at Pet Smart or Pet Co. He keeps looking for treats and more treats, it is soooo embarrassing!

glad you had a great weekend; it sounds like it was fun :)


Karen and Bailey said...

betty - yea defintely look into it!! :D