Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bailey = the floating honey ham that runs

Hey everyone. Going to be a bit busy tomorrow since Bailey was invited to his cousin's birthday party (his cousins are so cute!!! haha), so we wont have time to blog, but wanted to make sure and journal his the wonderful Saturday we had. Hope all our readers had a wonderful day as well (Faith = don't put too much into the Wheel of Fortune machine....!!!) hehe.

 The picture to the left was taken using the timer option on my camera.. and you don't know just about how many times i ran back and forth. hahhhahah. Anyways. The title of this blog post summarizes the day we had today! So I thought to be a little creative and segment them out in paragraphs to keep the audience reading!

bailey = 

the floating
The floating describes the swimming bailey did today. As you can see in the picture on the left, doesn't that look like a floating furry log to you? :D...... Every second saturday (if you haven't heard me mention already) is a day in which bailey and I trek over to crissy beach for a morning swim, fetch session and trail-walking session and sand digging session and sun-tanning session at the dog friendly beach before we head out to lunch and the monthly corgi meetup. Bailey absolutely LOVES to swim... and well the pictures pretty much say it all :) The dogs are so super friendly here, and so are the people. The only downside today was that the weather was a bit chilly, and there was enough fog that you could only see a sliver of the golden gate bridge, but Bailey wasn't going to let that ruin his day. He swam like a little trooper! And i had my uber TITANIUM jacket on... so I was just as content. Also, you see that spankin new ball in bailey's mouth. It's one of his favorites. We bought three of them at Walmart (we don't have a Walmart near us.. so when I came across one last week I bought THREE at only 2.57 a piece!!). Anyways, they are called Hartz Dura Play balls. Great thing about them is that they last just about forever. It's natural rubber that is foam injected (i.e. squeaker lasts a long time!), and is lightweight, SQUEAKS, is easy to throw, fits in a chuck-it launcher, comes in green or blue (from what weve seen in stock) AND best of all... it FLOATS!!!! I couldn't find a link online to show you... but go try and find it. It's amazing..... and we even had one dog owner ask us "where did you find that ball?!?!!"... Anywhoo... check out the video of one of his swim/fetch sessions:

honey ham
Bailey is super cooperative when it comes to picture taking, especially if I've got bait... his favorite = lamb lung or carob cookies with peanut butter filling. He'll just about do anything for either. With the calendar contests coming up... i decided to try and get some pictures worth submitting this year. I haven't had a chance to filter through any of them yet, but hopefully we've got a winning shot out of the bazillion pictures i take on a weekly basis. I need to get myself a higher-tech camera. I've got the Canon A2000 IS and am wishing to get a super fancy one for quick movement and just greater quality photos (corgis are too quick!!!). But i must not complain, i love the camera i have now. Anywhoo, bailey pretty much sits still like a honey ham while I snap pictures. I think over the course of his  2 1/2 years on this earth, I've taken over 3000 pictures of him. It's a pretty rough estimate, but considering I have over 4700 items in my Flickr account..... and not nearly 1000 of them are of ME or my FRIENDS............ who else could they be of?!?!!? Anyways a nice man saw me running back and forth attempting to take some shots of us together and graciously offered to take a picture. :) how nice.. then bailey and I were back to more picture taking, trail walking and finally arrived at the water bowl where bailey drank to his hearts content (hes pretty good about not drinking the swimming water or ocean water, and he empties out the bottle i bring for him pretty quick). shouldve included the word "camel" in my title now that i think about it... or horse?

that runs
 Well what else do corgis do at the dog park... wrestle??? nah!!!! chasing is the number one social activity among corgis!! There were so many corgis in attendance today, and the weather was cool enough to spark some activity among the low riders. Bailey and Madden (tri pem) arrived exactly at the same time... then soon after that Nick the blue merle cardigan with his older sister Mona Lisa (tri cardi). Then Kiko arrived (red/white pem) and thennnnnnnnn jasper! (sable pem) jasper and his mom are moving to Southern CA, so this was going to be their last meetup. Bailey and I will surely miss them!!!. Then Kipper arrived and Dakota and then came Waffles. The picture above in left to right order is: Bailey, jasper, kiko, mona and nicholas. As usual, Baileys trying to keep control of the younger ones... Anyways, it was a nice day. There were many chases around a dead tree stump (favorite place to run in circles at this park), and there was plenty of hole diggin', dog chasin', hide under the bench relaxin' and water bowl splashin' fun! We stayed a good 1.5 hours at the park, and boy bailey was super tired. He again tipped over when I took him out of the car to get in the house. Yet... if he hears the word "cookie".... he'd pop right up and run over to you in 1 second flat. It amazes me the amount of energy they have. crazy i tell you! Anyways, thought you'd like this video of the kiddos running around:

Well! There you have it. Bailey is the floating honey ham that runs. Quite cute if you ask me, eh? :p

If you'd like to see all the pictures we took today, click here to see my Flickr set.


That corgi :) said...

so fun watching Bailey swimming and fetching; he looks like he is having a blast! enjoyed seeing the corgis gathering and playing together, I bet that is a riot to see! I'll have to check out those balls, sounds like a fun thing to play with!

have a great time tomorrow at the birthday party!


Karen said...

i agree with betty its alot of fun watching glad he's an active puppy...
i wish i had my camerra glued to my hand because i always forget to bring it when we go on outings...

and i wanna go to a corgi meetup im jealous!!

i hope you and bailey have fun at the party :D

Flo de Sendai said...

Corgi paradise ?!
What a wonderful place to have fun, all together !
I wish we 3 could participate....

Best regards from Flo, Nana, and Uyanga.

Karen said...

i found my background on here....
just go to template desginer, then click on background and thats where i found it :)

Karen said...
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Karen and Bailey said...

ohh i see!!! thanks karen!

That corgi :) said...

Karen, I didn't have your email address so I'm leaving a comment; if you want to follow my blog, at the top of it should say something like "follow blog" (very top of page of blog) click on that and it should allow you to follow it :)


hope you guys didn't get the heat that we are getting down here in the south; hot and muggy and we had a big thunderstorm today; poor Koda, he wasn't fond of it :(

have a great Friday!