Saturday, July 17, 2010

would you ever give your corgi away?

I was reading a post on the Bay Area/Northern California wall, and there is someone giving away their one year old male corgi here. I e-mailed to inquire why she was giving the dog away, and the lady replied that she was starting an internship soon and was going to be "too busy". This makes me so mad... and sad. I don't know why MAD... but am SAD because I would NEVER EVER EVER think of just "giving away" Bailey. Maybe its the way it was phrased that made me mad. It appears there was no care or thought...... just a minor decision. I am sad that the poor little guy is only 1 year old, and has an owner who will just give him away...... errr it just bothers me.. i laid in bed thinking about it last night... like i wanted to call her and tell her id take him... but i cant take on another dog now. BLLLAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

On a better note, bailey and i did make it out to the dog park today....... about 30 miles east of san francisco its about 100 degrees, and well, when that happens... some magical atmospheric thing happens where the fog basically rolls in over the city as natural air conditioning... but never reaches the east bay due to the mountains... so san francisco gets to swim in it and enjoy it all. needless to say, it was a bit humid with overcast today. such an icky feeling. but... bailey loved going to the park. the first thing he does it scope out his first "victim". His absolute favorite thing is to play chase. He loves it when the big dogs run after him (kinda strange for a herding dog but hey... oh wells!). He usually scopes out some dog that he'd want to chase him... and hell trot towards it and right about 2 feet before he reaches the dog, hell ZOOM right past him/her, and well usually the dog ignores him, or lunges, or chases him. He of course prefers the latter of those three, and I love to see him run freely. :D puts a smile on my face.

bailey and i were chatting on our webcam (ok i did most of the chatting - i had bailey sit and look pretty) with his little cousins. they are so cute. they want to "talk" to bailey, and say things in high pitch to get him to cock his head to one side. Anyways!!! we downloaded this software called "ManyCam" for our webcam, and well, it makes your webcam do all these special effects... masks.... snowstorms.... etc, and they had one feature called "Cartoon" - where the software cartoonifies your face and whatever else is on the screen... welll.... hahahaha these are some of the pictures we took off of that, which i think was the coolest thing ever invented since sliced bread... well ok not really but i was pretty excited about it. hahaha... :D

I love you Bailey!!!A kiss for my booger


That corgi :) said...

loved the web cam pictures; such love between you two!

sounds like a fun day although it was a bit muggy/hot; but glad Bailey enjoys playing with the other dogs

no, I would never give away my corgi (well I shouldn't say never, but it would not be my intent, obviously if I was very sick and couldn't care for him that might be different, know what I mean?)

when we got Koda before we got him we agreed on two things:

1. If we moved, he was coming with us (we had to give away a Samoyed once because we were moving and going into an apartment and we didn't think it was fair for him to be confined like that; he went to a big farm which was nice)

2. when he got old or had a health problem and it would be better for him to be put to sleep, we weren't going to keep him alive just for our sake

so we've moved 3 times since we got Koda and each time the caveat was we have to move somewhere that will take pets (renting currently), which made us always have to pay a pet deposit and sometimes get something bigger than we wanted but would take pets

so I would never give him away, would do my best not to

I hope that little 1 year old finds a new loving home; have to say at least the lady was honest to know she would be too busy, makes you wonder if she has kids what she would do with them?


Karen said...

i would never give buttbutt away...if i couldnt take care of him he would be taken care of someone in my family or my boyfriends family to make sure he would always be near so i could see him when i could....

good thing is i'll be living at home for awhile :D hahaha

oh and the thing with bailey provoking a doggy to chase him, butters does the same thing :) i love when he runs around....he's a but clumsy though alot of the time he trips on his own feet and face plants into the dirt -_-

i hope the corgi finds a good home, if the doggy was in southern cali i would definitly have some convincing to do with my mom

Laurie said...

Love the pics!

There is no way I would ever give Sadie away. I would die without her. And giving her away would be impossible for me to deal with. I would do everything in my power to keep her no matter what the situation!

Bri said...

give up my doggie? no matter what pet, pretty sure i would never be able to give up my pet! we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of bringing sammy home, and sammy is an amazingly strong center of our world and family that i can't even imagine not seeing him for a day, let alone never again! i know that there are circumstances beyond people's control and sometimes things happen, so i should not judge or say something when i have not been in such a circumstance. but i do feel that i can safely say i couldn't give up my sammy! he was so connected with us, that after having him for 3 days, we left our apartment, without a new home figured out yet, to keep him. we never thought about it twice, and never regretted it. i didn't realize it was anything special til i've noticed looks from people when i tell them the story, as if they are trying to determine if they would do that, too, or what they would do. getting a pet is a huge responsibilty and i sometimes i wish it was harder for people to get pets, so it would be taken more seriously and maybe these things wouldn't happen!!

your webcam story is awesome! pretty sure i would do that, too!! and ps. you're natural ac sounds fantastic. we have natural humidity here in the midwest. crappy crappy