Thursday, July 29, 2010

circling dogs at the park

So... baileys becoming a bit of an annoyance at the local dog park. ahem ahem (i excuse bailey out of the room so i can vent). SOOOOOOOOOOO..

A normal scene at the dog park after work:

Bailey darts from the gate into the middle of the dog park like a bullet. speeding bullet. he then scopes the park, does his business then looks for his first victim. oh there. the large ball-crazed german shepherd dancing around his owners chuck-it thingymabobby. bailey sees it. darts right over and lets off a warning bark (i.e. "hey you stop that!!"). bailey starts to circle the owner and dog, barking incessantly. owner picks up ball prepares to launch. bailey barks louder, runs in circles faster, and even lunges at the dog to nip..... owner launches the ball and depending on where he is in his circle, he springs off into action. chases the dog. barks and runs at the same time. doesnt ever reach the ball. goes halfway and then waits for the dog to follow it back. oh. and repeat. 100x. (yes i drew the picture above. lol and yes thats baileys long tongue sticking out)

It's been going on the last couple of months, at least, but usually the owners are pretty good about it. i say "sorry". they say (most of the time) "those little herders, eh? hes getting a lot of exercise". well thats most of  the time. sometimes the owner will not throw the ball and just stare at bailey running around them in circles, as if he will stop (think again!!!). well........... at that point in time i get the feeling ive gotta go get my little booger and put him on a leash. well. thats not as easy as it seems. bailey becomes a little brat and starts barking and still runs in circles and will not let me grab his collar. sneaky little thing. sometimes the owner will warn me that their dog will bite if bailey gets near the ball. but bailey will not go near it so im ok. sometimes.... i will get comments... comments that make me boil - but i know its partly my inability to get him to come at any point in time and his inability to control his herding instinct. we need help.

SOOOOO...... baileys on probation! i took one of his old chewed up leashes and fabricated a mini leash to keep in tact at all times on his collar.. for easy access!!! hope this works a bit better so he learns that i will get him if he doesnt stop.....

And strange enough its only bad at this one dog park. its medium sized, fenced in completely.. i think its because baileys used to the park, is comfortable and well, is cocky and bossy about it!! at other open larger dog parks, hes completely fine, since we keep moving and he gets distracted. but the smaller parks, theres just only so much sniffing a dog can do.

oh on a better note, baileys been better about the barking at home. he now responds and understands the word "quiet". :)


That corgi :) said...

so clueless to offer advice, Karen. Koda is sooooo antisocial we can't go to dog parks so we don't have this problem. I guess it wouldn't help if you brought a ball or object for him to play with??


Karen and Bailey said...

bailey doesn't get distracted by his own frisbee or ball. hes never been a ball crazy dog. :( but he will fetch if hes the only one in the park.

thanks for your comment though.. i needed to vent!

Kelly said...

Oh that sounds so familiar :) Gibson used to be the same way before he got into actual fetching . He would just bark at whoever was throwing the ball and then chase the dog fetching.. wait for them to come back then chase them back. Such a dork.

Now that he likes to fetch and gets the game, he'll bark just to say, "throw it already, jeez!" and then actually try to retrieve the ball himself. Still barky, but less rude ;)

I've been working on quiet too.. I think it's starting to maybe sink in :)

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Ha ha, that picture is hilarious!! That reminds me of the herding trial we took Bryson to a few years ago in Santa Rosa (I think the GGPWC group holds one every year). Bailey will excel for sure! (Bryson on the other hand has no interest whatsoever...) They offer herding classes too, it's pretty cool to watch the demo corgi herd sheep under his person's full control. Not sure if you guys are into it, but maybe a way to channel his herding energy in a positive way? (plus it's so funny watching corgis at "work"- they're all business!)

Aj said...

That drawing is still making me laugh haha.

Karen said...

I LOVE THE DRAWING!!! its hilarious it definitly helps me picture what little stinker bailey is doing....but butterball does this sometimes too (more when big dogs are fighting) he will circle them and bark and bark and bark.

now sure on what you should do about bailey since i can barely control my little one but goodluck. :)

Lindsey said...

hahahha probation. love it.