Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Beneful Dog Toy for 1st 10,000 voters

Beneful is sponsoring a dream dog park contest, and they’ve narrowed it down to 10 finalists. Be one of the first 10,000 voters, and receive a dog toy. After you vote, it’ll ask you to register and provide an address!!




Kelly said...

I think all 10,000 people are trying to vote at once! lol.. It just keeps crapping out on me. Thanks for the heads up though.. I'm going to keep trying! :)

Karen said...


but im with kelly it wont load -_-

Karen said...

yay it worked :)


Bri said...

oh we have soooo been voting. omaha's dogpark is on the finalist list....and sammy was in for a free dog toy. it takes 10-12 weeks apparently to recieve it :(
sooo.....if no one has any real for omaha!! pleeeaaaase!