Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pembroke Welsh Corgi:Cruise-line social director x high school hall monitor

 Hi!!! sooo... the article in dog magazine is so cool. First of all, there are so many wonderful pictures.. and so much information.. most of which i already knew, but i did learn something new. :) Have fun reading, everyone!! 

Pembroke Personality:
"sometime described a a combination of cruise line social director and high-school hall monitor, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ha a bold-but-kind nature, a quality that make it a popular companion and show dog".

That completely describes Bailey. He i such a high school hall monitor, but he has such a sweet nature about himself always wanting to meet everyone at the dog park! Bailey would make an awesome cruise line social director.. i can see him now.... putting together an ice breaker game for all the guests.

One sly dog:
"Perhaps a little too bright, Corgis can get bored easily, especially if they are asked for frequent repititions. Be aware , however, that the Corgi is a pushy dog that likes to have its way, a remnant of its herding hertitage."

Bailey is a little pushy... hahahahaha and he does whine when he has nothing to do or when i wont get up fast enough in the morning..... hahahhahaha. The article also describes corgis with having a wedge shaped head (so cute!!), and talks about its exercise needs, etc.

Care and Handling:
"It's said that Corgis aer fairy-bred dog, once serving as steed for the fairie in their homeland of Wales. Look for the saddle across a Corgi's back or the harness marks behind it shoulder if you don't believe it"

I never knew about the fairie saddle on the back. I just noticed it.... and now understand why baileys fur is a tad longer and coarser between his shoulder blades.. who would've thought!!!!!

The article also mentions common health problem associated with their eyes, long backs and concerns regarding degenerative myleopathy ( a form of progressive paralysis. I hate reading the part where it ever talks about the lifespan of dogs. This article indicates corgis have a lifespan of 12-14 years on average. It just make me sad thinking about it already. sigh.

Health Check:
"It's essential to keep a Corgi at a healthy weight to prevent back problems and other weight relaed health issue, such as arthritis and skin-fold infections. Corgis like to eat ... like "walking stomachs" - o owner mut be vigilant in controlling their intake.

Yesss.. bailey is a walking stomach. His human cousins went to Costco today and got him some dog treat samples (who would've known - they give out samples for your pets now!!). hahaha. He just about sniffed out all of it within a matter of minutes. no patience what so ever!

Facts you may not have known:

1. The breed originated in Wales some 1,000 years ago, where it was a farm dog used to herd livestock, control rats and other vermin.

2. The word corgi means "dwarf dog" in the Welsh language.

3. The pembroke corgi first gained widespread recogniton in 1933 when King George VI presented a puppy, Rozavel Golden Eagle, to hi young daughter, Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) and Margaret.

4. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the 26th most-registered breed among the 164 breeds.


Kelly said...

haha, I like the "hall monitor/cruise director" description! Totally Gibson :)

Laurie said...

"Perhaps a little too bright, Corgis can get bored easily, especially if they are asked for frequent repetitions. Be aware , however, that the Corgi is a pushy dog that likes to have its way, a remnant of its herding heritage."

LMAO that is so Sadie!! She is so pushy! And totally gets bored with fetching, etc.

Karen said...

thanks for sharing :)

i really like the part about the "fairy-bred dog" thats really neat and i never noticed it before :)

i never noticed baileys picture on the side that sais "im single and available" its too cute :D

Karen and Bailey said...

i just re-read this and apologize for the typos. My laptop's "S" key was not working, so i was having to copy and paste them, and i missed a few . anyways, got a new laptop now so i wont have that problem again! lol