Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Izzy Bear & Bailey

The other day at the park, we ran into Izzy Bear. Bailey (bear) and Izzy Bear were great wrestling buddies as puppies. Izzy Bear is a Australian Shepherd, and is only about a month younger than Bailey. They played great and learned a lot from each other. Bailey still plays great, but Izzy has learned some bad habits from his doggy day walking group – and he now plays very aggressively!. But on the other hand, Bailey and Izzy Bear still say hi to one another, and well I couldn’t resist taking a reunion picture.

Two years later really… how much they’ve grown in comparison to these shots of them in late 2008. J Little grown men now. How cute.

We also have pictures of Bailey and Izzy wrestling on youtube! (search Bailey the Corgi Izzy)

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week. We are planning to have a four legged visitor next weekend for a sleepover that my cousins are looking forward to – and we can’t wait. :) More to come!

Here is a picture with Bailey and one of his favorite fans.. i mean cousins!!! =D


Kelly said...

Aww it's so nice to have a play buddy for your dog :) I like that they both are bears :)

Karen said...

wrestling buddies how cute :)

another reason i wanted another corgi because i wanted butters to have a play buddy :)