Tuesday, August 10, 2010

widows peak

Bailey used to have a widows peak (V shaped blackish fur that framed his forehead). Ever since he turned about 10 months old, it sorta just disappeared. Well, to give some background on it – Bailey’s mom was a tri colored corgi (named Bailey too hehehe), and his dad, Cooper, was a full red/white. He gets his red-headness from his dad. Anywhoo…. That makes bailey a sable pup. He does have black-tipped fur that runs along his back, but other than that (which you only notice if your face is about 6 inches from his body), you would’ve never guessed he wasn’t truly a red/white corgi. Anyways, that doesn’t matter much… butt!!!!! I miss his widows peak. I used to think it was a bit awkward to say the least.. like hmmm that doesn’t look very flattering, but now, I think it would’ve been cool if he still had it. Look how cute it used to be… =D
As for a sneak preview on upcoming posts..... we did a zippy the car round 2 update video... coming soon.

Oh and Bailey wanted me to mention that he's updated the bar on the right - no one has called him yet to reply to his "Single and available" ad on the right, and hes a little bit sad. Poor thing. I'm A-OK with that though!


Kelly said...

Aww the widows peak was cute! He looked like a little man :)

Gibson has some black on him too, but it's only on his tail!

Karen said...

how cute :D

butters has a random line going across his head from ear to ear that is red

and i think benny's parents were like bailey's red/white and tri because he has a little black on his fur too.