Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekend Picnic

I've been trying to gather up the energy to write a blog post, and finally have some energy now that its 20 degrees cooler here. Oh gosh, we hit a record high in the city at 98 degrees on tuesday, and today, it was in the nice low 70s. :) Anywhoo, I wanted to recap Bailey's adventure (and mine) that we had this weekend, and our favorite place, Crissy Beach. It's right below the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. It's a beautiful stretch of beach along the northern side of San Francisco, nestled between the Marina district, the Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge, and of course Crissy Field (which apparently used to be used to be a rich salt marsh and was used as a landing spot for planes from early explorers as well as a military airfield as storied here). Anywhoo, Bailey and I were accompanied by some of my fabulous coworkers, their furkids and regular kids. haha. We had a blast, having a picnic at a picnic table off the beach, then trekked over to the beach and waded in the water, ran away from waves, made sand castles with the kiddos, and enjoyed the what became sunny afternoon on the beach. Nothing could be better. Bailey cooperated and brought the ball back each time I or anyone else threw it out. He even goes swimming on command. I say "go swimming" .. and he literally walks and wades into the water. We also had three australian shepherds and one papillon join us, and they were all water dogs too! I finally got to meet Tanner - one of my coworkers aussies which I haven't met in the 2 years i have known his mom, but im glad we got a chance to meet!

Bailey also wrestled with a 10 month old Irish Wolfhound pup named Finley on the beach. Her owner was a bit...... well...... of a hypocrite (he told my coworker that her dog was "attacking" his dog, but well, see the video of his pup below dragging bailey by the neck) but anyways, bailey had fun wrestling with the dog and he welcomes good hard wrestling fun. 

It was a blast! Bailey came home as tired as ive probably ever seen him! We gave him a bath and practically called it a day. We spent I think.. a total of 8 hours there. Got there at 9:30am to secure the spot, and we did not get back home until around 4pm. CRAZY!. Anywhoo, enjoy the videos and pictures!

our attempt at a group picture

bailey's three favorite aussie friends
the "i got you now!!!" picture
bailey trying to steal from our makeshift trash can during lunch
This weekend will sure be interesting. I am taking Bailey to his 3rd annual MLB baseball game! Go Giants!


That corgi :) said...

looks like it was a fun time! that is so neat that Bailey enjoys swimming (and even on command!)

hope you guys enjoy the baseball game!


Kelly said...

I am so jealous of the parks that you have around there!! Bailey is a lucky puppy!! :)

Karen and Bailey said...

Thanks guys for your comments. Yes we are very fortunate!!!! :)

Karen said...

i want to go to san fransico so badly!!! if only it wasnt 7 hours away :(

all your dog parks and dog beaches are so nice.

bailey is so well behaved and im jealous of that too hahaha.

he's just too cute :)

Paige said...

Bailey is so cute and I love the blog! My little guy Dexter has his own blog too. Viva la Corgi!

Karen and Bailey said...

karen - yes he is well behaved most of the time!!!! hahaha.. he did eat a piece of sandwich bread off the sidewalk the other day and would not drop it.. argh!!!

Paige - welcome!!!dexter is such a cutie!