Friday, August 20, 2010

Miette the Papillon

Bailey and I had the pleasure of watching Miette, a papillon, last weekend. We thought we'd let Bailey test out his big brother skills, and I wanted to see if he could handle it. Overall, it was good. No big fights but it made me realize that Bailey and I are not ready to add to the family right now. Maybe in a year or two.

My young cousins (the three A's) were invited over for a sleepover with Bailey and I this past weekend, since we knew Miette was going to be hanging out with us. That went great, and we only had issues regarding the potty (which i resolved with diapers). I was a bit scared Bailey might relapse in the potty area, but he did not. Thank goodness also for lineloeum floors. Bailey didn't want to share the water bowl with Miette, but he never snapped at her. He would just give off a growling whine whenever she would get near, and Miette was good about waiting. Since Miette doesn't like to play with dog toys, we had no problems there. Bailey did bark if i picked up Miette, but, Baileys not a cuddly sorta dog so i was wondering why he cared. but i was sure to give him lots of pets and kisses when i put miette down to let him know that he was still #1.

This weekend we did our normal 2nd saturday-of-the-month routine. Swimming at Crissy Beach, followed by the monthly corgi meetup. Both went great. It was sunny but cool (mid 60s). Bailey swam and swam until I saw a dog go poop in the water. Even though it was downstream from where Bailey was, I still called him out to leave. haha. Even Miette took a dip! At the corgi meetup, we had only about 5 show up (Kipper, Mona, Waffles, Nick & Hopper) +Bailey =6, so it was not very eventful, although there was a hound playing chase in the park that all the corgis ran after. Miette also came along, but shes a people dog, so she did not veer very far, except to get a drink of water.  We left the park early, went to pick up The A's, and had yummy lasagna and chinese chicken salad for dinner, fed the dogs, played video games and watched endless hours of Spongebob Squarepants (i swear they had a marathon going on saturday night... and when i turned on the TV sunday morning during bfast.. low and behold... it was Spongebob all over again)... hahah.. Miette went home, and i took my cousins to the baseball game, where the Giants lost (ARGH), but we came home to a smiling wiggly butt, went to the dog park and pet store, and finally dropped the cousins off at home. Check out some pictures of the lovely weekend with Miette below:

Tomorrow - picnic with dogs and people at the beach. This should be quite interesting! :) hehe. we've recently had a "low" come in.. a.k.a cold front... so its super foggy here in the city by the bay.... and it could very well be FREEZING (50's) tomorrow. I sure hope not.. but it was quite chilly, foggy and windy today. :).


That corgi :) said...

Miette is a cute dog! what a fun experience for you and Bailey! he seemed like he handled it somewhat okay, I don't blame him for being a bit jealous when you picked her up; after all, it was his "mom" giving attention to someone else other than him (regardless of the fact that he might not be the snuggly type :)

sounds like a fun weekend ahead, enjoy!


Karen said...

butters acts the same way when benny cuddles with me.....even though butters doesnt like to cuddle.

i think they just like knowing they are still number one in your heart hahaha.

how were they with food? im working on getting butters use to not going for the food when i feed benny and trying to get benny to stop snapping

Jenny said...

Love the last pic! How cute!