Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ZIPPY the CAR - round 2

It's been nearly over 2 years since Bailey's seen Zippy. If you remember from our last post here, you will remember that Bailey was barky and terrified about the antenna poking him in the face. Anywhoo, Bailey’s human cousins visited last weekend and well, we got a chance to pull out the zip car again - rematch!. Bailey is no long scared of the wirely antenna, and oh my goodness, does he look ever so HUGE now compared to the little car. Take a look at these pictures!!!. It took some “leave its” to finally have him just sit and watch, but I wonder if he remembers the good ole’ days when the think used to poke him in the face. Today, he would’ve crunched the thing into pieces if he could just get those awkward-feeling spinning wheels to stop. :D

Bailey does not hesitate now to go over and roll the car over. I do not think its agressive (like he would be with a broom, mop or vacuum), but its more of a playful behavior.. almost like he wanted it to wrestle with him.. or something hahahha. Well, as I've said.. Bailey is no longer afraid... and here is a video and another video is below to prove it (sorry they are kinda dark).


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Karen said...

chomp chomp chomp "i wanna eat it mommy!"-bailey