Tuesday, April 6, 2010

8 weeks, time to go home

I remember making a big shopping trip to Walmart when Bailey was about 5 weeks old, and buying everything from dog food, toys, shampoo, collars, baby gates, etc. I managed to get a huge wire crate for free on craiglist, and purchased another plastic travel crate off craiglist for about $15. Bailey still sleeps in the wire crate as of today. He loves it. Anywhoo, the breeder had him on Purina Puppy food (just about the most horrible food ever), but I didn’t know back then. When it came to food research, it helped that I was on mycorgi.com at the time and , through discussions, found out that I needed to find a natural, no corn – no wheat- no fillers dog food. I decided then on Nature’s Receipe (which I found out later not to be all that great either). Eventually, at probably about 4 months of age, we settled on Wellness (first the puppy, then at about 8 months age, we switched over to the super5mix chicken). We’ve both been happy ever since.

So, March 15th, 2008 was the day. I made the trip up to Corning, CA with the same friend. I remember ringing the doorbell and the breeder answering with Bailey in her arms. He just about tripled in size since the last time I saw him. We signed some paperwork, let him say goodbye to his littermates, and we were on our way home. On the way out, another couple was coming to pick up his brother Quincy (the other red/white pictured in an earlier post), who went to his forever home in Sacramento, CA. I regret never getting that couple’s email address or phone number!!! So if anyone ever runs into a corgi named Quincy in the Sacramento area… give me a holler!

The drive home was GREAT. Bailey slept the entire way in my friend’s lap. We found one flea on him on the way home and got a bit concerned. My friend plucked the flea off and flung it out the window, and that was that (and so we thought… but this story will be in a later post). Anyways, we decided to stop by the vet on the way home for his first checkup, and he did great (although he did pee in his crate!!!). I decided that Bailey would get all of his puppy shots not at a vet, but at the mobile clinic at the local Pet Food express. We still use the same service today (VIP – www.happypet.com). They’re prices are so reasonable, and the volunteer veterinarians are great too. They even helped me express Bailey’s anal glands one time… and if anyone knows about that.. then you know how appreciative to be… hahaha!

When we finally made it home, I could tell Bailey was scared. He was terrified of all the sights and sounds around him, but at the same time really wanted to play. So, he made like a bunny and would hid behind my friend, then pounce out to attack a rolling ball. Haha. Cutest thing ever. Videos are on youtube (search Bailey the corgi)! We then gave Bailey his first bath, and the rest of the day was spent watching him like a hawk, and taking him outside every 2 hours. At this age, they give you no warning whatsoever. Thank goodness for linoleum.

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