Tuesday, April 6, 2010

9 weeks, its all about socialization

If you are lucky enough to know Bailey now, you’ll observe that he is the most social dog… ever. He loves all dogs, all people, and loves kids. One of the things I learned when researching dogs was that this time was the most important socialization time. Less than a week after arriving home, Bailey met a few of his dog friends (Sammie, Lumpia & Coco), and a few of his human kid cousins (Annie, Anna & Amy), and a whole slew of adults (friends, aunts, uncles, sisters, cousins). We had a mini “meet Bailey” party at my house, and I brought Bailey to other peoples’ houses . I remember that Bailey slept a lot during this time period, and even knocked out while we were screaming our heads off playing Cranium.

I also had already looked into puppy class. I decided to go with the program at Petsmart (over Petco), as Petsmart had their class lasting a full two weeks longer. Bailey I believe was enrolled at 10 weeks of age (and I believe started puppy class at 12 weeks – or at about 3 months of age). Here's a picture of Bailey driving us to the first day of class.

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