Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Puppyhood, isn’t it great?

Bailey was pretty much mute as a young puppy. He never really barked, or yelled, or whined much at all. The first night he came home he whined in his crate. I’d take him out to potty (of most times he didn’t go), and stuck him back in the crate. Literally, the next night – there was no whining. Bailey found other things to do to keep himself occupied when he didn’t sleep. In order to divide the big wire crate in half (from my research I learned this aided in potty training), but I divided it by placing a big cardboard box in the other end. Well, Bailey, as smart as he is, decided that he really didn’t need to go potty –so why whine. Why not – instead- chew up the cardboard box for fun while mom is sleeping?  hah!

Bailey’s ears came up pretty quick too. By the 10th week, they were up. Both came up in a matter of 24 hours. I really only managed to snag one picture of one ear up and one ear down.

At this age, I remember bailey loving his stuffed hippo, we named Hippie. He also loved his first ever toy (Jorge – pronounced HOR-HEY ) who we thank Bailey’s human cousin Anna for naming. We still have that toy today (I saved it from destruction).

Bailey also loved to be held, and would often fall asleep in my arms. There is no way that would happen now, as he is currently going through his terrible TWOs.

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